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Do you know what will make you feel more confident as far as your security is concerned? If you could only have the answers you want to frequently asked questions! Well, here you will find plenty of answers related to keys, locks, their problems and their solutions! Take a look and learn new things

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How are high security locks different from regular ones?

Our experts say that high security home locks are much better than regular ones in the sense that they are more reinforced. These locks are more difficult to pick, giving homeowners peace of mind that they are protected. Digital locks and keyless entries are considered high security.

Do I have to get the locks re-fitted when I lose my keys?

You have to get your home locks re-fitted in the event of lost house keys so that no unauthorized entry can occur by those who may find the keys you lost. This step is a security step so you do not compromise your home and family’s safety.

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