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Wouldn't it be nice if security issues would be someone else's problem? Well, who is not concerned about such matters! That's why the following key and lock related tips are written for everyone to read. They offer ideas and ways to keep people out of security trouble. Take a look.

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  • Making Homes Safer for Your Little Ones

    Babies and toddlers love to explore the world around them including cabinets and drawers. To prevent babies from having access to harmful substances and sharp and breakable stuff stored in your cabinets and drawers, our professionals recommend child safety lock installation to help baby-proof your home, for their safety and for your peace of mind.

  • Car Lock Anti-Freeze Tip

    Washing your car during winter may get your door lock keys wet and cause them to freeze. To prevent this, spray some graphite powder into the key slot, insert your key and turn it several times to make sure the graphite gets deep into the slot.

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